Some settlers ordered to leave west bank

Some settlers ordered to leave west bank

By Jonathan Bachman, BBC News, Jerusalem

A number of Israeli settlers were ordered to leave their homes and go to the Israeli-controlled west bank early on Sunday morning – an escalation of tensions surrounding the Jewish settlement of Iniz, which Israeli security forces have been trying to remove from the occupied West Bank since 2010. The settlers, who made their way along Shuhada Street, came to the area around the settlement of Kibbutz Nahal Oz, known as Ramot, by nightfall, and were not allowed to leave until Sunday morning, but they were allowed to stay because of some minor problems with Israeli security cameras and police vehicles. The settlers, who number about 50, are suspected of assaulting members of the Palestinian population and vandalising properties at the site.

On a visit to the site four years ago, I was shown a group of three men who had just arrived in a van and were being detained. I told the men that if I wanted to go up to Ramot, they had to leave the van. They had two options. They could either leave or go into the Israeli-controlled area. The others opted for the latter. The settlers had tried, over many hours, to provoke Israeli troops into firing tear gas.

The Israelis are using a number of tactics to try to halt settlement expansion west of Jerusalem, including the use of large crowds to disrupt vehicles and prevent settlers from entering Israeli areas, as well as the use of bulldozers to clear land from the area and force out all who don’t agree with the expansion.

A senior Israeli official said that the settlers might attempt again to launch a fire attack in the coming days. He added that it would be “difficult to stop them”.

But Palestinian officials say this latest attack – which came after several failed attempts to attack Israeli vehicles blocking their way along the main stretch of Israeli-controlled Ramot – underscores Israel’s inability to contain the settlements.

The violence is part of a growing rift between Israel and the Palestinians, with Israel claiming that settler attacks are not an effective way to deter attacks by Gaza militants.

The violenc샌즈 카지노e has prompted일산출장샵 some of the most intense tensions since the death of Palestinian 코인 카지노teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir, an 18-year-old security guard, in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza in 2010, which killed eight settlers and an American.

The Israeli military said Abu Khdeir, 18, who was from Kibbutz Aduck – which is part of th