Qld jobless rate rises to 58 pc in July, survey finds

Qld jobless rate rises to 58 pc in July, survey finds


Job growth has been strong in Queensland in June, lifting its unemployment rate to 58pc from 53pc in May, according to official data released on Wednesday.

The national average of 55.7pc was below the April figure.

The figures were from the Employment Advisory Bureau’s monthly survey of 594 Queensland employees, conducted between May 2 and May 9.

It shows 459,000 of the province’s 2.2 million people were employed in private-sector positions and another 461,000 in part-time.

Some 623,000 people were either unemployed or looking for work in June, compared with 589,000 a month before, and 588,000 in May, the ABS said.

“The latest figures provide some evidence that unemployment is lower than was predicted at the start of the year, which may help boost interest rates in recent months,” it said in a statement.

“However, the figures confirm that Queensland has always had a labour shortage and that the current jobless rate is an outlie영천출장샵r in the labour market.”

The ABS’s Mark Thomas told 972 ABC Brisbane’s Tom Tait the figures were encouraging for the state, but called for better forecasting practices in the national unemployment figures.

“I don’t think a lot can come of this month’s unemployment rate, at least not yet,” he said.

“It would be encouraging if the data were revised down a little bit.”

The May labour market survey was based on the final monthly unemployment report.

More people in jobs than out of work since early January

The ABS has forecast that the Queensland unemployment rate will increase from 52.3pc to 53.1pc this year and stay at 55.7pc until mid-2019.

In a statement, the ABS said that since December, t울산출장마사지he number of people working part-time in Queensland had declined, while the number of people finding full-time work had also declined.

The latest figures show that the number of people actively looking for work has dropped to 483,000, with just 486,000 people actively looking for work.

The ABS said there is some evidence unemployment is also lower in recent weeks, but that those numbers in all of the other su카지노rveys were under-estimated because there were a number of more recent releases.

The ABS has also raised its estimates of net migration to 973,000.

Eucalyptus shoot may still go ahead says location specialist

Eucalyptus shoot may still go ahead says location specialist

A study that found the area’s ecologists found Eucalyptus shoots planted by the first summer were the most be세종출장샵neficial for birds, though there’s no evidence of pollinating species that can’t be planted.

But if the plants have already established there is the potential for the plant’s growth to decrease.

“This is a case study that highlights the fact that plant diversity is a resource that we can protect and develop, but there are always going to be a number of places where things are more likely to happen,” says David Bowerman, executive director of the California Audubon Society and a former director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Bowerman also says ecologists must remember that the state wildlife board has not approved the planting of any trees near the tree-lined p시흥출장마사지ath that leads gta5카지노to the tree.

Aldea leaves have also been detected in a patch of soil that leads directly to the tree.

Alzheimers assoc urges better staffing practices at public hospitals

Alzheimers assoc urges better staffing practices at public hospitals

By Jeff Voll,

BOCA RATON FLORIDA – BOCA RATON, Fla. (Feb. 11, 2015) – The Boca Raton Community Hospital Board of Trustees adopted an interim staffing policy on Wednesday that directs staff 카지노 사이트not to ask patients for proof of a current address when making medical recommendations. “This could lead to patients having to be referred back to a local hospital or a third-party source who isn’t an established relationship,” said BOCA Chairman Tom Alzheimer. “That’s unacceptable to everyone involved and to our patients.”

The hospital is also encouraging other public hospitals to implement the same staffing standards. BOCA RATON is not the first publicly funded hospital to adopt similar hiring practices. The B더킹카지노oca Raton City Hospital Board does the same. The recommendations were adopted to address increasing demand for medical services that comes from rising health care costs in Florida. A recent study showed Florida hospitals are spending more than six times as much per capita on Medicare and Medicaid, more than the national average, and their s더킹카지노ervices are at risk for increasing demand.

“The recommendations were written to foster greater care coordination across institutions. The intention was to develop a more common language between facilities so that patients with different needs have equal access to appropriate care regardless of whether the facilities have similar staffs,” Alzheimer said. “The goal is to create a more efficient health care system and to reduce unnecessary hospital visits.”

The hospital board agreed to adopt the interim staffing policy under the guidance of its Board of Trustees and its consultant. Staff members will continue to work to revise the policy to ensure it is applied equally across all public hospitals.

After reviewing all the medical malpractice cases filed by BOCA hospitals in fiscal year 2016, the Medical Administrative Review Board found no evidence that BOCA hospitals have engaged in a pattern of medical malpractice.

“The Boca Raton hospital has adopted the recommendations and is in the process of revising its management culture, as evidenced by recommendations from the Medical Administrative Review Board,” said Hospital Administration Director Bruce Meehan. “If the new staff members feel there is a need for additional patient service professionals, then they will be notified through the hospital. We appreciate the work the Medical Administrative Review Board has done and look forward to continuing to work to further enhance our system.”

During the course of this review the hospital will use an inpatient or outpatient model to manage their health car