Wa country hour 6th august 2018 | 9

Wa country hour 6th august 2018 | 9.30pm

Lafayette University – University of the Arts – (lacred.ub.edu.au)

A performance of The Night Watch with an accompaniment of music from The Dead Sea Scroll

Lectures on the history and significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as related artifacts to complement tr골목aditional readings of the writings of Jewish and Christian sources, from the time of King David to the present

Music and dancing on Friday 12th august 2018 | 7pm

St. Luke’s Church, St. Mary’s University College, London

This performance will be accompanied by a Q

Rabbi resigns as head of rabbinical organsiation, the country’s largest religious body for lay men

Rabbi resigns as head of rabbinical organsiation, the country’s largest religious body for lay men

The leader of a group of young Reform rabbis, the country’s leading rabbinical organsiation, will resign next month, the group said on Saturday, ending a relationship that dates to 1993, when the Reform rabbinate officially began.

Sometime between May and August this year, the Rabbinical우리카지노 Council of the United States – The Reform Movement in America – will send letters to the leadership of every Reform rabbi in the United States, instructing them not to attend a convention of the Rabbinical Council of t더킹카지노he United States next month or to attend an event sponsored by the organization for which they had been appointed.

At issue are a number of issues바카라, including how the Rabbinical Council handles disputes between men and women, issues that arise when a man and a woman meet in a public place.

In this case, the issue concerned Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the leader of the Jewish reform movement – a move that upset many reform and conservative rabbis, particularly when Boteach also had a role in the organization.

A number of organizations have called for Boteach’s resignation, and he was quoted by the Orthodox news site Ynet saying that this was “an unprecedented move”.

According to the news site, “several leaders of the Rabbinical Council of the United States had called for Boteach’s resignation in the past few weeks”.

Rabbi Steven M. Cohen, a lawyer and author of a book on Reform Judaism, was quoted as saying: “This is a very controversial thing, because it comes from a man who had a big role in setting the vision, but a number of other prominent Reform leaders in rabbinical bodies throughout the world have criticized the decision and have also commented privately on the subject.”

An Open Secret, a Jewish watchdog website, quoted Rabbi William H. Schulman, an Orthodox scholar who is also a member of the Rabbinical Council of the United States, as saying: “I think that what the Reform rabbi should have done – that he should resign from the Rabbinical Council of the United States, because a lot of what was going on was his fault, is not clear or even acceptable. This decision has had real political consequences, and it is time the Reform community went on with its lives, and I’m not surprised that many Reform leaders have publicly criticized this decision.”

In an editorial published in the Jewish Daily Forward, Rabbi David Rosenfeld, who was bor