Pollies pledge vilification free election

Pollies pledge vilification free election

The Liberal Democrats said they would be “open and honest” about their plans and would say whether or not they are seeking to undermine democracy.

“We reject any attempt by the Conservatives to rig this vote,” a party spokesman said.

The Greens said they would be open and honest about how they would run their election campaign, with former home secretary Alan Johnson a likely candidate to replace Nick Clegg as PM if there was a hung parliament.

The Conservatives have accused the Greens of lying and are preparing to claim an upper hand in the vote to determine who will lead the country in 2021 if a hung parliament is to be prevented.

Former L출장 안마abour home secretary Sir Robert Chote said the party “takes these allegations very seriously”.

Mr Clegg is due to face fresh criticism of his handling of the economy when voters head to the polls in June on the basis that he voted against coalition talks to extend the bailout of the banks in the 2007-09 financial crisis.

But the Liberal Democrats say the party 부천안마has been “vital” in rescuing the UK from the financial crisis since the 1990s.

It강남출장샵 has been criticised by many other parties, including by its leader in the opposition Sir Menzies Campbell.

On Wednesday Mr Cameron called on him to put the allegations behind him on Thursday.